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Dalit Civil Society Network, a global network of Dalit Civil Society, NGOs and Diaspora organizations

Dear Friends, Activists, and Advocates:

ICDR convenes the largest global online platform called ‘Dalit Civil Society Network (DCSN)’, of Dalit Civil Society, NGOs and Diaspora organizations as well as Dalit Rights Defenders and development practitioners in the world, bringing over 250 organizations and 500 individuals together.

We are pleased to invite you to join ICDR’s global online platform.

The DCSN aims to bring together Dalit Rights defender, activists and leaders in a common platform for sharing empirical experience, training materials, case management systems, knowledge and challenges and develop a comprehensive organizational development and advocacy strategy. The ultimate goal is to empower and enhance communities and advocates to make more accountable governments and corporate social responsibility. Its overall objective is to review and discuss national, regional and international laws, policies and processes to advance legal access, remedy and justice. It will provide a platform for more concerted advocacy on behalf of SDGs and development reforms. The network will also provide a common platform to advance the Dalit-rights movement from a local to global arena. The network serves as a global council of the ICDR, which expands and builds coalition, shares ideas, exchanges resources, best practices and challenges, and campaigns on issues that affected Dalits and other vulnerable populations globally and nationally, and works collectively to eliminate the caste-based inequalities, discrimination, exclusion and injustice.

Members can:

– Access Caste Freedom Index, database tool– Exchange practical resources: a training manual, a case management system, and a strategy for addressing injustices by large firms.  Connect with other practitioners.

– Develop a profile about your organization, and form sub-groups focused on regions or themes. Share evidence on both successes and failures.

– Participate in regional meetings- Join in-person meetings the next is on Lift up Dalit Youngsters in 2017.

– Receive alerts about new features– Over the next few months, we will be releasing tool kits curated by experts on key themes within organizational development and community empowerment.

– Keep up-to-date on recent developments in the field through the newsfeed and blog.

– Participate in an annual meeting and Second Global Conference on Dalit Rights.

We encourage you to visit the site and create an account; you can utilize this opportunity to stay connected and advance your visibility as an organization or interested individual. We welcome you and your active participation to reduce caste-based inequalities.

In solidarity,

D.B. Sagar

President and Co-Founder

International Commission for Dalit Rights

Washington, DC 20005

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